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          All our waffles and crepes are freshly baked in store using our finest
               ingredients. Whipped cream or luxury ice cream included

              Belgian Choco            £4.95
              Smothered in warm Belgian chocolate
              The Smell Ah Nutella     £4.95
              Scattered strawberry slices, warm Nutella
              Mallow                   £4.95
              Marshmallows, Warm Belgian chocolate
              Ferrero                  £5.95
              Ferrero Rocher, Belgian chocolate, Nutella
              spread, chocolate shavings         Reeses Pieces             £5.95
              Oreolicious              £5.95     Crushed Reeses Pieces, warm Belgian
              Crushed Oreos, Milk chocolate blossom,   chocolate, white chocolate & chocolate
              White chocolate                    blossom
              Bueno                    £5.95     Hershey's                 £5.95
              Crushed Kinder Bueno, Belgian chocolate,   Crushed Hershey's pieces, Nutella
              white chocolate                    spread, white chocolate & chocolate
              Bananaberry              £4.95     blossom
              Fresh bananas and strawberry’s, drizzled   Peanut Butter Stack    £7.95
              with warm Belgian chocolate        - only available with Waffle
              Biscolata                £5.95     Warm Belgian chocolate, toffee sauce
              Mini biscolata pieces, warm Belgian   topped with melted peanut Butter stack
              chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate   Red Velvet           £6.95
              blossom                            Warm white chocolate topped with red
                                                 velvet fudge, velvet sprinkles

                                                    Monster Waffle
                                                  3 waffles, 3 layers of ice cream,
                                             Belgian sauce, mixed fruits, whipped cream
                                              Finish in 20 mins and WIN £25,
                                                 lose and pay - £14.95

                                                    *Terms and conditions apply
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